Cores Overview

The DISCOVERY Network is comprised of Administrative, Recruitment and Retention, Statistical/Cognitive and Repository Cores who collaboratively guide the research strategy and drive study success.

The Administrative Core is led by Natalia S. Rost, MD, MPH and Kristin Schwab, Director of Research Operations at Massachusetts General Hospital. The Core works to ensure scientific and programmatic success of this complex large-scale project by providing comprehensive and effective oversight of all aspects of network operations. Performing day-to-day study management, the Core works closely with all cores, clinical performance sites and study committees to provide infrastructure for all study communication, decision-making and policy implementation.

Under the leadership of James Meschia, MD at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, the Recruitment and Retention Core leads site engagement, activation and monitoring activities and ensures the successful recruitment and retention of 8000 participants across the network. Working closely with clinical performance sites, the Core implements recruitment strategies to reach enrollment targets and ensure study aims are met. The Core additionally serves as the study-wide Telephonic Assessment Center.

The Statistical & Cognitive Core is led by Rebecca Gottesman, MD at National Institutes of Health and Lisa Wruck, PhD at Duke University. The Core leads design and implementation of cognitive assessments and evaluations, adjudication of cognitive events, formation of biostatistical analysis plan, and ensures study data integrity. Providing expertise in developing cognitive assessments and evaluations, the Core develops assessment batteries and trains clinical performance sites on proper administration of assessments. The Core works to provide statistical support, modeling and projections to ensure study targets are met.

Led by Karl Helmer, PhD at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Repository Core provides project data management support including the development of a data management hub for collecting, processing, storing, and sharing clinical data and neuroimaging. They work closely with all cores to support study operations and day-to-day data management. An integral part of the Repository Core is the Data Management Team led by Dr. Alex Sherman and Hong Yu as well as the DISCOVERY Biorepository which is based out of the Rissman Lab at UCSD, led by Dr. Robert Rissman .


The key scientific leadership of DISCOVERY consists of a team of recognized experts:



Acute Stroke/Big Data Science

Natalia Rost, MGH; Polina Golland, MIT; Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, MGH Martinos Center

Vascular Contributions to Impairment and Dementia

Steven Greenberg, MGH; Rebecca Gottesman, NIH; Lisa Wruck, Duke; Thomas Mosley, U of Mississippi; Jennifer Manly, Columbia U

Alzheimer's Disease

David Knopman, Ronald Petersen, Jonathan Graff-Radford, Mayo Clinic

Multi-Center Stroke Clinical Trials

James Meschia, Kevin Barrett, Mayo Clinic

MRI Analysis

Bruce Fischl, MGH Martinos Center; Prashanthi Vemuri, Cliff Jack Jr, Mayo Clinic

PET Imaging

Val Lowe, Mayo Clinic

Hemorrhagic Stroke

Alessandro Biffi, Anand Viswanathan, MGH


Sudha Seshadri, UT-San Antonio; Myriam Fornage, UT-Houston

Fluid Biomarkers

Jason Hinman, UCLA; Robert Rissman, UCSD; Len Petrucelli, Mayo

Health Disparities

Bernadette Boden-Albala, UC-Irvine; Steven Kittner, U of Maryland

Large-Scale Databases/State-of-the-Art Biobanking

Alex Sherman, Karl Helmer, MGH; Robert Rissman, UCSD